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We all want to do good for our bodies and the planet. But tell us, are you a "clean beauty" convert?

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Plant-rich facial care
that works with your skin

Every one of Weleda’s facial care products is purposefully created using a lead plant that meets your skin’s evolving needs for true and lasting results.

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Cleansing & Toning

For all skin types

Start your skin care routine with deep yet gentle cleansing that won’t strip your skin’s natural moisture. For beautiful, refreshed and healthy-looking skin.

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Sensitive Care

Soothe and Nourish

Our Almond line is formulated with sweet almond oil and other nourishing plant-rich ingredients, our fragrance-free formulas help even the most delicate skins feel truly comfortable again.

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Supports moisture balance

Our Hydrating line harnesses the Iris plant’s natural moisture-regulating properties to help it stay in healthy balance, neither too oily nor too dry.

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Softens look of fine lines

Our Renewing line softens, renews and hydrates dull and tired skin. Rose hip seeds unfold valuable unsaturated fatty acids that help smooth the appearance of fine lines.

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Restores skin’s radiance and tone

Our Awakening line harnesses the power of Pomegranate with potent antioxidants that act as companions to skin’s natural aging process for radiant-looking skin that’s full of vitality.

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Skin Revitalizing

Improves appearance of deep lines

Our Skin Revitalizing line harnesses the power of Evening Primrose, a unique flower that opens her luminous golden blooms at dusk into rich, moisturizing formula to reduce the appearance of deep lines and revitalize the skin’s youthful glow.


Each formula is orchestrated to harmonize your skin to radiant, vital beauty. And just as nature develops and reveals her beauty over time, our skin care works patiently with your skin’s own rhythms to create beauty that lasts.

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